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Voices - Piano - Strings

A rising composers debut release on a major label, Gjeilos album on Decca is an important release of heavenly, bewitching, eternal new choral music for our time.

Composer Ola Gjeilo draws on influences from his Nordic background to conjure modern choral music of exceptional beauty.

Radiant vocal textures are enhanced by transcendental instrumental additions; a twinkling piano performed by Ola himself; captivating, exquisite strings; and bewitching acoustic guitar

Ethereal yet tangible, this is music with wide appeal; music of purity and beauty; music at once restful and uplifting.

Gjeilo pronounced Yay-lo has evolved a musical style which is at once contemporary and familiar. His concentrated harmonies and rich textures combined with graceful, engaging melody, contain echoes of Morten Lauridsen, Eric Whitacre, and the best luscious film score.

Influenced by improvisers, along with composers such as John Adams, Desplat, Newman, Marinelli, Williams, Elgar, Vaughan-Williams, and Tavener, Ola describes his music as a lyrical mix of improvisation and classical, and others often describe it as cinematic... evocative, lush, story-telling...

Track List:
1. Gjeilo: Ubi Caritas by Voces8 Ola Gjeilo - 5:22
2. Gjeilo: The Spheres
by Tenebrae and The Chamber Orchestra Of London - 4:17
3. Gjeilo: The Ground by Tenebrae Ola Gjeilo The Chamber Orchestra Of London - 3:38
4. Gjeilo: Sanctus (London) by Tenebrae - 4:47
5. Gjeilo: The Crossing by Ola Gjeilo Thomas Gould Ciaran McCabe Jon Thorne Matthew Sharp - 3:38
6 Gjeilo: Northern Lights by Voces - 4:08
7. Gjeilo: The Lake Isle by Tenebrae Ola Gjeilo Kristian Kvalvaag Thomas Gould Ciaran McCabe Jon Thorne Matthew Sharp - 6:18
8. Gjeilo: Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium) by Tenebrae Matthew Sharp Kristian Kvalvaag - 5:08
9. Gjeilo: Tundra by Tenebrae Ola Gjeilo Thomas Gould Ciaran McCabe Jon Thorne Matthew Sharp - 3:35
10. Gjeilo: Reflections by Ola Gjeilo Thomas Gould Ciaran McCabe Jon Thorne Matthew Sharp - 1:53
11. Gjeilo: Sacred Heart by Voces8 Ben Hancox Hannah Dawson Simone Van Der Giessen Matthew Sharp - 4:42

Product Details:
Composer Ola Gjeilo
UPC: 0028947886891
Artist: Ola Gjeilo
Date of publication: April 1, 2016
Format: CD
Playing time: 48 minutes