Gentle Night: 40th Anniversary Edition by St. Louis Jesuits

Gentle Night: 40th Anniversary Edition by St. Louis Jesuits

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Gentle Night: 40th Anniversary Edition [CD]
by St. Louis Jesuits

The St. Louis Jesuits' classic Christmas album remixed and remastered for a fresh, vibrant and high-quality sound, allowing you to experience the wonder and awe of this music all over again.

St. Louis Jesuits' classic, a seasonal collection is celebrating 40 years! First released in 1977, Gentle Night was the fourth collection from Bob Dufford, SJ; John Foley, SJ; Tim Manion; Roc O'Connor, SJ; and Dan Schutte, considered by many to be the fathers of contemporary American liturgical music in the post-Vatican II era.

This anniversary edition has quite literally had the cobwebs dusted off. Completely remixed and remastered, the sound is fresh and clean, almost as if you're standing in the studio as they sing these much-loved and treasured songs for the first time. There are even a number of surprises that were discovered, thanks to modern technology, like the presence of a verse with SATB choir in "The Beautiful Mother" that didn't make it on the original and oboe and lead guitar parts for a few songs that were virtually inaudible on the old recording.

A complete anthology of music for Advent and Christmas, Gentle Night still serves as a wonderful reflection of the group's original desire to create music that represents the true meaning of the Christmas season. Even today, in parishes across the US these songs continue to enhance everything from Christmas concerts and contemplations before Midnight Mass to meditative moments in Advent and Christmas Masses.

The new booklet boasts unused photos from the original album as well as a brief history and interviews with each of the members from historian Ken Canedo, making this a lovely keepsake for the generation that grew up playing and singing the music of the St. Louis Jesuits.

May these songs once again fill your Advent and Christmas seasons with joy, hope, and beloved melodies!

List of Songs:
1. Just Begun - 2:05
2. Wake from Your Sleep - 2:12
3. The Beautiful Mother - 3:21
4. The People That Walk in Darkness - 3:32
5. Who Has Known - 3:39
6. Gentle Night - 3:04
7. Let the Valleys Be Raised - 2:43
8. Patience, People - 3:48
9. Winter Cold Night - 2:38
10. A Time Will Come for Singing - 3:42
11. The Lord Is Come - 1:52
12. Children, Run Joyfully - 2:39
13. Emmanuel - 4:01
14. Come Weal, Come Woe - 3:52
15. Exult, You Just Ones - 3:32
Product Details:
Original Release Date: October 6, 2017
Release Date: October 6, 2017
Release Year: 2017
Label: OCP
Copyright: (C) 2017 Oregon Catholic Press
Total Length: 46:40
Genres: Christian, Christian Contemporary, Music