THE CELTIC SPIRIT - CD- by Brother Seamus

THE CELTIC SPIRIT - CD - by Brother Seamus

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by Brother Seamus

This project is the culmination of 30 years of living the spirituality of Celtic Monastic Ireland. While living an 'enclosed' life in the monastery of the Servants of Love in a remote part of the west of Ireland, Brother Seamus began to record the natural sounds of the sea, bird song, river, wind and rainfall. These he mixed with his musical compositions to produce an experience in sound perfect for relaxation, meditation and prayer.
In the year 2000, he started to play Irish Flute and Bodhrán, and sing in the Irish style. Brother Seamus has been traveling the world and performing ever since!
This CD contains songs and instrumental pieces that evoke a journey into the world of Celtic Monastic Ireland. The pieces 'speak' to your heart, breathing energy and beauty into your spirit.

Track List:
1. Ar nAthair (3.03)
2. Three Hands (2.53)
3. Christ Within Me Recitation (3.46)
4. Grassroot Serenade (5.10)
5. Pater et Filius Earthsong (3.09)
6. Bluesleeves (4.30)
7. Search for the Queen (5.28)
8. Apache Spirit Flute Improvisation (3.17)
9. A Blessing (2.58)
10. True Love of Mine (4.11)
11. Window Shoppers (3.41)
12. Messengers (Whistle version) (5.46)
13. Críost is Muire (1.15)
14. Heart's Desire (3.56)
15. Mysteries (5.20)
16. Críost is Muire (Finale) (2.49)

Product Details:
Label Foreign Media Group
Original Released Year 2007
Discs: 2
Release Date March 4, 2008
Studio/Live: Studio
Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Recording Time: 64.46