WHAT A DAY by Fr Robert Galea

WHAT A DAY by Fr Robert Galea

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by Fr Robert Galea

In What a Day Fr. Robert Galea and friends share more of his moving repertoire. Fr. Robert's music ministry is to share the Gospel through music, sharing his experiences and the experiences of others in a journey to understanding what our Christian life is all about. Both gentle and charismatic, his songs will lift you up and connect you with the deepest desires to connect with God.
This 13-track acoustic project is a "declaration of my weakness and a celebration of the One I will one day love completely... and What A Day that will be". Fr Rob Galea

Track List:
1. To the Ends of the Earth - 4:13
2. Open Your Heart - 3:45
3. Hold Onto Me - 3:12
4. Here I Am - 3:20
5. Fill Us Up - 4:49
6. I'll Bow Down - 4:09
7. What Do You Say - 4:02
8. What a Day - 3:37
9. Glory to You - 3:01
10. The foot of the Cross - 4:59
11. Mulej F'idejk/ Nelle Tue Mani (Maltese/Italian) - 3:00
12. Faithful - 3:23
13. I Surrender to You - 3:22

Product Details:
Genre: Spiritual, Christian Rock
Release Year: 2010
UPC: 885767853621
Copyright - Robert Galea