PRAY THE DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET featuring Fr. Dan Cambra,MIC & Anna Nuzzo

PRAY THE DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET featuring Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC & Anna Nuzzo

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featuring Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC Anna Nuzzo

Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, is the Director of the Marian Evangelization Team and Holy Souls of Sodality from the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. It includes the Divine Mercy Prayer Guide and 3 Bonus Songs!

List of Songs:
Hour of Mercy Prayer
Lord's Prayer
Hail Mary
Apostles Creed
1st Decade
2nd Decade
3rd Decade
4th Decade
5th Decade
Holy God Prayer
Eternal God Prayer
Ave Maria
Marian Consecration Song
Divine Mercy
Fr. Dan Cambra's Recited Chaplet

Album Notes

The idea to write a new sung version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet sprung from a conversation I had with Bill Snyder, who works at WSFI 88.5 FM Catholic Radio in Antioch IL. We had become friends after he had interviewed me for their “Bursting Forth in Sound” Series in the studio months earlier. One day, while l was visiting the station, Bill asked me if I would consider writing a Divine Mercy Chaplet that they could play regularly on air. They broadcast to Northern IL & Southern WI Counties. I said, “Absolutely, I would love to!”

Later, while sitting at my piano, as I began to compose this 11 part, multi-faceted, intricate work, I was overwhelmed by an epiphany I had. In 2013, I had written a song called “Divine Mercy,” which is on my first album. "Be Love". I had based that song on two prayers written by St. Faustina that are part of this very Chaplet I was now asked to compose. I realized that instant that I was about to do exactly what the Lord wanted me to do –compose a new, contemporary and uplifting version of the Chaplet, and BASE IT on my existing Divine Mercy Song! I wondered, “Had Our Lord been trying to tell me to write this Chaplet for the past 2 years? Yes, I think he was, yet I wasn't listening…” So he spoke to me through Bill Snyder instead, who just came right out asked me. Finally, I got the message, loud and clear.

I realized that my Divine Mercy song was the SEED that this ENTIRE Chaplet would spring forth from! It was a huge light bulb moment! And what originally seemed to be such a complex and formidable task –instantly became envisioned as 1 piece, strung together with the music of the Divine Mercy song throughout, tying all the prayers together, seamlessly! I cannot express the joy that filled my heart when that was revealed to me. I truly thank God for this gift of music and know that without him, I would have nothing.

I wrote the entire chaplet pretty quickly. It’s kind of a blur… I don’t remember exactly how long it took. But I know I was done way before I thought I was going to be. After it was complete, I felt that this work was too big and too important not to be shared with everyone. I was being called to spread it on a grand scale, not just locally. This time, I was listening… And that’s how this “Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet” album came to be.

Product Information:
Genres: Christian Gospel, Music
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Release Year: 2015