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SING OF MARY by Donna Cori Gibson

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by Donna Cori Gibson

Songs and hymns to and about Our Lady. Many are traditional titles done in an entirely new way and are completely original. All include lovely arrangements and orchestrations to help us offer our love and honor to the most blessed of mothers, Mary.

Track List:
1. Sing of Mary
2. Memorare (St. Bernard of Clairvaux)
3. Flower of Carmel (St. Simon Stock)
4. Hail Mary/Gentle Woman
5. Great Things (Magnificat, Word-for-word from scripture)
6. Mother (Litany of Loretto)
7. Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue (Bishop Fulton Sheen's favorite prayer)
8. On This Day, O Beautiful Mother
9. Salve Regina
10. Ave Maria (Schubert)

Product Details:
Genres: Christian Gospel, Music
Release Date: November 14, 2015
Release Year: 2015
Label: Golden Arrow Catholic Music and Media
2015 Donna Cori Gibson