I Am with You Always by Timothy R. Smith
I Am with You Always by Timothy R. Smith

I Am with You Always by Timothy R. Smith

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I Am with You Always
by Timothy R. Smith

Beauty can be found within every song on this collection. From God's love and mercy to his constant presence in our lives, this album captures it all. I Am with You Always highlights Tim's versatility as a songwriter of liturgical music, as he reaches audiences of all ages. And while the tone of the collection rises and falls throughout, there is a consistent message of hope: we enter this world with Christ by our side, and we leave this world the same way. Through the darkest of times, when we feel abandoned or lost, he never leaves us. The final song of the collection, "You Were Never Alone," recognizes this relationship — a special bond that we all have with our Lord.
Music for Life's Journey:
The opening track, "Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving," builds with the steady pulse of one guitar, followed by the arpeggiated chords of another, with a piano outlining the melody. A violin then rises with powerful strums from the guitar, and the choir begins. There is music available for all of these instruments, as well as the choral and descant parts. Cheerful and full of life, this tune is a great choice for an entrance song at Mass, as it calls us to unite as one body and give thanks.
An upbeat and driven song, "Lord Let Your Mercy Flow" utilizes a choir alongside Tim's strong vocals, adding a wonderful richness in texture. The lyrics describe God's love and impact in our lives, as he watches over us from above, showering us with his blessings. This song is sure to be a hit with your parishioners, as well as your family.
"You Were Never Alone" is a wonderful, ballad-style tune that is driven by piano and violin accompaniment. Completed in the wake of the passing of Tim's father, this song is the essence of this collection, full of the emotion regarding our life-long journey with Christ. Tim sings:
And you see, yes you see you were never alone. Not a stranger, but a child who's returning, gathered and welcomed home.

List of Songs:
Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving
Be Not Far from Me
Lord, Let Your Mercy Flow
O Light of Christ
You Are Holy
You Were Never Alone

Timothy R. Smith has spent his career writing music that fuses traditional and contemporary elements to create songs that unite communities of all ages.
Timothy R. Smith has spent his career writing music that fuses contemporary and traditional elements into songs that inspire and unite communities of all ages. This broad approach can be readily found in his newest OCP collection, I Am with You Always, which features well-crafted, singable melodies that resonate with all worship communities.
The bulk of Tim’s catalog is based in the Psalms, culminating in his annual publication, Forever I Will Sing. It features complete responsorial psalms and Gospel Acclamations for every Sunday and holy day. He writes,
The Psalms are about our ageless encounter and covenant with the loving and compassionate God of Israel. This relationship transcends all time and history. As a composer, I try to create melodies that reflect my own experience and effect with a particular Psalm. Since my perspective is limited to my own cultural experience, I think it’s essential to broaden my approach by exploring and developing melodies and harmonies that reach beyond my first inclinations.
Tim has a passion for helping parishes and organizations respond to the Church’s apostolic call towards evangelization. His ministry has taken him across the United States — presenting parish missions, men’s retreats and music ministry workshops that educate and inspire. His presentations feature music designed to encourage participation and foster prayerful reflection.
Tim has a Bachelor of Music degree from Michigan State University and Master of Music degree from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He and his wife, Kim, live in Waterford, Michigan. He currently serves as the Director of Music at Our Lady of the Lakes Church.