Infant Rosary Bracelets - Multi-Color - Sterling Silver

Infant Rosary Bracelets - Multi-Color - Sterling Silver

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Infant Rosary Bracelet

5mm Swarovski Rundell Multi-Color Beads
Swarovski Austrian Tin Cut
Rundell Shaped Beads
Sterling Silver
5 1/2 inches long

Swarovski (Austrian) Crystals: Made in
Austria, Swarovski beads are considered the
finest in the world.

Sterling Silver:
Sterling Silver medal is marked with a quality stamp to ensure the content of the silver. Federal law mandates that the quality stamp must include the maker’s mark. You will find either “Sterling Bliss” or “Sterling BLI” on the back of our medals – both acceptable quality marks.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Bliss Manufacturing stands behind its’ jewelry and honors a lifetime guarantee. Our Medals are sprayed with a lacquer coating to protect the finish. Should any of our medals or chains tarnish or have defects, we will either repair or replace free of charge. Avoid exposing the medals to household cleaners or chlorinated water. These chemicals can damage the medal.