YOUR LOVE CARRIES ME by Daughters of St. Paul

YOUR LOVE CARRIES ME by Daughters of St. Paul

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by Daughters of St. Paul

There are times in life when it seems we have hit a wall, or we have reached the edge of a cliff and something as small as a straw could push us over, or we are hanging by a thread and losing our grip. We may feel weak, that we have lost our way, or that we can't see the next best step.
If you are in the midst of such a time in your life, our prayer for you is that you experience, through the music and lyrics of these songs, the reassurance that God is always with you, that he never abandons you. God embraces you with his love and listens to the cries of your heart. God will give you the strength you need today. He walks beside you and carries you through the darkness into the new light of a better day. 

Song List:
1. Lift Me Up - 3:44
2. Keep the Candle Burning - 4:00
3. Song of Life (feat. Julia Mary Darrenkamp) - 3:28
4. Call On Jesus (feat. Tracey Dugas & Fay Josephine Pele) - 4:36
5. Walk on the Water - 4:09
6. Blessings (feat. Margaret Timothy Sato) - 4:51
7. Sometimes a Prayer Will Do (feat. Fay Josephine Pele) - 4:54
8. Stronger  (feat. Tracey Dugas) - 4:00
9. Angel By Your Side - 3:41
10. The Prayer (feat. Julia Mary Darrenkamp & Anne Joan Flanagan) - 4:29
11. Glorious Day( Living He Loved Me) - 4:39

Product Details:
Released Date:  August 1, 2014
Genres: Alt Christian, Christian/Gospel
Tracks: 11
Label: Pauline Records
 UPC: 9780819888105
2014 Daughters of St. Paul